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Please read the following.

The Delaware, Ohio Web Page is maintained by Point & Click Software, Inc. as a service to the community of Delaware, Ohio. While we try to provide up-to-date information, there may be instances where we are either unaware of changes or are unable to obtain current information. Also, since the site is maintained gratis, it sometimes must take a back seat to our other (translate: paying) work.

Take note that this site does not belong to the City of Delaware (or for that matter to the State of Delaware -- you'd be surprised how many people mistake it for that!). This is not a forum for complaining about City services or any other issues which cannot be solved by Point & Click Software (obtaining phone numbers not listed here, job postings, finding long-lost relatives and friends, etc.).

We do not have printed literature or information other than what is up on the Website. Do not email us and ask us to mail you pamphlets or other literature.

Please utilize the following list of contacts:

Information About... Who To Contact
Travel and / or tours Delaware County Convention & Visitors Bureau
(888) 335-6446
Upcoming events Check first Delaware, Ohio Events Calendar. If you don't find it there, try the Delaware County Convention & Visitors Bureau (see their contact info above).
Current or former local businesses and/or local business contacts Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce
(740) 369-6221
Local business web sites Surf Delaware, Ohio Database
Delaware's history or genealogical records Delaware County Historical Society
(740) 369-3831
Local schools including telephone numbers Delaware, Ohio Web Page
Miscellaneous telephone numbers Yellow Pages or your local telephone directory. We are not a directory information service.
Missing Persons Yahoo People Search. Locating people sometimes takes considerable time, and unfortunately we cannot take the time to do that for you.
Incorporation in the state of Delaware Believe it or not, we get asked this question frequently! Duhhh! You're at the wrong web site. This web site is for the city of Delaware, Ohio.
You don't like the site design Tough cookies. It's a free site. Live with it or contact James Wyche.

If you would like to contact us regarding this site, please use the feedback form. However, please keep in mind the guidelines at the beginning of this page. If you ask a question which we have made clear that Point & Click Software cannot answer, you will not receive a reply.

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